Ukiyo Mockups.jpg

ukiyo magazine

issue #1: the floating world

This inaugural issue emulates Japanese photo magazines of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Influential, impactful, and ephemeral, these magazines were published in rapid succession. Photographers quickly moved on to other destinations in their visual journey, gathering images for their next edition.

The Japanese word ukiyo has dual meanings. Literally, it translates as "floating world” and is a term used to describe the decadence and ennui experienced by many people in prosperous Japanese cities during the 1600’s. However ukiyo is also a Japanese Buddhist term for “sorrowful world,” a metaphor for the endless cycle of birth, life, suffering, death—one from which Buddhists seek to escape.

Both meanings describe the modern world I witness through my camera, and are the theme and inspiration for this magazine. This magazine is produced in collaboration with Japanese designer and photographer Hanami Itagaki.

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