Friday First / by Philip Krayna


This photo was taken at Oakland's First Friday art walk. A donked vintage Cadillac, with the original filigree interior seat upholstery, glinting in the setting sun. What's missing from this picture? A person, perhaps.

I have recently discovered the First Friday event and as a photographer who is just gaining the courage to attempt street photography, this raucous evening mardi-gras has offered a learning experience. Getting an authentic shot, one that tells a story, one with a person as the subject, is often about cultivating relationships. Returning on another friday evening and being recognized as "that guy with a camera" who someone has seen before. And earning a person's trust so that they will proudly sit in the front seat of their car and let me take a portrait. 

I plan to keep going back to downtown Oakland with my camera, and I hope that some day I will encounter the owner of this Cadillac again and perhaps he will allow me, with the sun setting behind him, to get the shot just right.